The Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA) have won the Finals 17 times each. Combined, they’ve won 34 titles and shared just under half of them in 76 seasons. They’re two of the NBA’s most storied franchises, but this season’s playoffs have seen them fall apart, losing three straight.

The Celtics suffered their third straight defeat on Feb. 22, falling to the Miami Heat 100-128 in Game 3 of the NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference Finals (best-of-seven). They fell behind in the first quarter and were down by as many as 30 points (63-93) at the end of the third quarter. The game was so close that the home crowd, which had come to support the Heat, left before the end of the game. The Celtics were no match for the Heat’s Gabe Vincent (27), who scored 29 points, including six 3-pointers. Celtics head coach Joe Mazzula (35) said after the game, “We didn’t prepare our guys. I should have changed the lineup, I should have changed the tactics, but I didn’t, and it’s my fault.” He was criticized for being “brash”.메이저사이트

The Lakers’ situation is similar. After dropping Games 1-3 of the Western Conference Finals against the Denver Nuggets, they were outclassed. LeBron James, 39, has been in terrible shooting form, taking 19 three-pointers in the three games and making just three. “I wish James would just stop shooting threes in the fourth quarter,” said ESPN basketball expert Stephen Smith. Lakers coach Darvin Hamm, 50, said, “It’s not like we’re 0-4. We’re not out of the playoffs right now. There’s still hope.”

There have been 149 0-3 losses in the NBA playoffs. None of them have resulted in a series sweep. If the Lakers or Celtics can come back from a 4-3 deficit, they could make history. Game 4 of the Lakers-Nuggets will be played on the 23rd, and Game 4 of the Celtics-Heat will be played on the 24th.

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