In women’s professional basketball, which has been in its 26th year since its inception this year, there has never been a case in which it has won the championship after giving away the first and second games.

Busan BNK, which has reached its first championship match, challenges a new history called ‘reverse sweep’. They are dreaming of a thrilling come-from-behind match against Asan Woori Bank in Busan, which has returned with two defeats.

If BNK changes the flow in the 3rd game on the 23rd, a miracle that breaks the ‘0% probability’ is possible. It is also the charm of drama sports without a script that makes you cry and laugh at the support of the fans.

Park Jeong-eun, coach of BNK, said, “We will gain strength from the fans’ support in Busan, our hometown.” “Our players do not forget the responsibility of playing in the championship game.” 안전놀이터

For the miracle that director Park is dreaming of to happen, two things must come together. First, the main forward, Kim Han-byeol, must overcome his injury.

Kim Han-byeol left the court after injuring his left ankle around 8 minutes and 3 seconds of the first half when Woori Bank and Champ 2nd match 33-33 on the 21st. It was the reason why BNK gave Woori Bank a chance to win as the defense under the goal collapsed. There is a limit to center Jinan’s ability to hold on under the goal alone.

It is fortunate that Kim Han-byul is recovering quickly. Kim Han-byeol shook off the pain to the extent that she did not feel the need to go to the hospital. However, since he is not sure whether he will participate or not, he remains a variable to determine victory or defeat until the day.

Ahn Hye-ji’s mismatch, another problem for BNK, also urgently needs to be resolved. Short (164 cm) guard Ahn Hye-ji had to deal with players taller than herself throughout the championship match. Park Hye-jin, who is 178 cm tall, is the smallest player among the main players at Woori Bank. Every time Ahn Hye-ji defended, she had to rely on the help of her teammates as she was dealing with players who were more than 10cm taller than herself. This is the background that BNK players did not show uniform performance in the first and second half of the first and second games.

In addition, Ahn Hye-ji has the advantages of a sharp breakthrough and exquisite mid-range game in attack, but has a weakness in the outside shot. She struggled with distance defense throughout the regular season, and the championship match was no different. If Ahn Hye-ji’s 3-point shot does not explode, BNK will not be able to use its strength. Coach Park, who knows this fact better than anyone else, said, “The players were shrunk by Woori Bank’s well-organized defense.” This part is also our homework.”

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