President Alexander Ceferin thought that Lionel Messi should have stopped Emiliano Martinez.

President Ceferin criticized Messi for being silent about Martinez’s eccentricities. Ceferin pointed out that Messi did not say anything to Martinez about Martinez’s eccentricity at the awards ceremony after the World Cup final. After the final of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar ended with Argentina’s victory after a penalty shoot-out, he won the Golden Globe at the awards ceremony and put the trophy at a critical point, embarrassing everyone. 바카라사이트

Even afterward, Martinez’s actions caused controversy. Martinez took out his effigy during the World Cup victory parade, mocking Mbappe. Following the World Cup, it made Mbappe and French fans feel bad again.

President Ceferin insisted that Messi, as captain of Argentina, should have stopped Martinez. Spain’s Mundo Deportivo said: “UEFA president Ceferin thought Messi should have warned Martinez about his behavior after the World Cup final in Qatar.”

This is the content of the book ‘Messianico’ published by Argentinian journalist Sebastian Fest and French journalist Alexandre Jullard. According to the contents of the book, President Ceferin said, “I don’t understand why Martinez mocked Mbappe. Messi should have told Martinez to show respect. After all, Messi plays with Mbappe all year. Why? “I don’t know if Martinez is mocking Mbappe with a doll. Martinez’s behavior is far from sportsmanship and I didn’t like it.”

Chairman Ceferin has not liked Martinez since the World Cup. Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Chairman Ceferin criticized Martinez for putting the trophy on his important body immediately after winning the Golden Globe, calling it disgusting.” Explained. Martinez seems to have already put a negative stigma on Ceferin.

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