Liverpool fans are outraged by the successive failed signings.

European soccer transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said on the 17th (Korean time), “Stuttgart’s Endo Wataru (30) is going to Liverpool. The transfer fee is 18 million euros (approximately 26 billion won), and a medical test is conducted. Personal negotiations were completed immediately after Endo requested a transfer to Stuttgart.”스포츠토토

Endo is a Japanese national team midfielder. He is a multi-resource who can play as a central defender and side back as a defensive midfielder. Endo, who has a stable defense, has strength in passing as a Japanese player. Based on his ball keeping power, he stably develops an attack from the rear. He is also exceptional for his leadership, to the extent that he captains Stuttgart.

However, Liverpool are not satisfied with the signing of Endo. Endora is not simply dissatisfied with the player, but is angry at the situation close to ‘forced recruitment’ due to repeated failures in recruitment.

Liverpool absolutely felt the need to reinforce the midfield last season, and this summer they promoted the recruitment of Jude Bellingup (20), a ‘super-large sale’. Bellingham, who could be the core of the new midfield, was lost to Real Madrid. Real Madrid invested 103 million euros (approximately 140 billion won) and succeeded in signing Bellingham.

Afterwards, Liverpool turned to Moises Caicedo (21). Caicedo’s stellar performances at Brighton have garnered interest from several big clubs. Liverpool showed a strong will to recruit Caicedo and offered 110 million pounds (approximately 186 billion won) as a transfer fee, occupying an advantage in Caicedo recruitment.However, this time, Chelsea offered a whopping £115 million (approximately 195 billion won), and Caicedo also wanted to transfer to Chelsea, so the recruitment failed. As one of Liverpool’s recent targets, Romeo Rabia (Southampton), is getting closer to Chelsea, he has no choice but to take the next best option after missing three midfielders he wanted to recruit in a row.

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