Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva is linked with Barcelona again .

Silva is the heart of Man City’s midfield. Silva, who often played as a central mezzala, can play as a winger and even a false nine in case of emergency. Silva, who has a high tactical understanding, passing ability, dribbling ability, and decisiveness, is active as a main player under coach Pep Guardiola this season. He has 3 goals and 5 assists in 23 appearances in the league this season as well.메이저놀이터

However, rumors of a transfer to Barcelona came out last summer. Barcelona has been going through serious financial trouble lately. Accordingly, we want to organize the existing resources of the team. Barcelona tried to sell Frenkie the Yong, who is classified as the team’s top manager, and wanted Silva as his replacement.

In the end, the Silva transfer collapsed. He is still under contract until 2025 and is said to be liking Manchester City’s club plans. Guardiola’s opposition also played a big part. Guardiola said: “Silva remains at Manchester City. There is no negotiation, no phone call regarding him. Silva will remain at Manchester City.”

But things have changed. Barcelona have now stabilized their finances to some extent, and are aiming for Silva again. According to the British media ‘Football Insider’, in the transfer market last summer, Manchester City wanted Silva for 70 million pounds (approximately 110.2 billion won), and Barcelona was burdened with it. However, Barcelona will be more aggressive in the transfer window next summer.

‘Football Insider’ continued, “Barcelona has been interested in Silva for a long time and is closely monitoring his situation.” According to media sources, Silva is said to have hinted to his acquaintances that he is open to a move to Barcelona. In the next transfer market, Silva’s transfer is expected to emerge as another point of interest.

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