He is a quality resource from Scotland. He is a player of even ability who can play all roles, from classic fullbacks, where defensive ability is important, to modern fullbacks, who have strong offensive tendencies. Straight dribbling based on his fast speed stands out, and his cross is also one of his 스포츠토토 greatest strengths. His tactical understanding is also excellent, so he can play in any formation, such as back 4 or back 3.

He rose to prominence at the Scottish ‘prestigious’ Celtic. After appearing on the adult stage in the 2014-15 season when he was only 17 years old, his potential was recognized and he gradually established himself. In the 2015-16 season, he proudly established himself as a main player and showed his presence by posting 1 goal and 8 assists in 33 matches, including European competitions and cup competitions.

Since then, he has steadily increased his stock price and has become a high-level resource in the UK. That’s how the fullback in the 2019-20 season entered Arsenal’s radar, which was the Achilles’ heel, and entered London with a considerable amount of 27 million euros (approximately 36.2 billion won). The level of both the team and the league has risen, but Tierney has adjusted quickly.

Except for a shoulder injury suffered in the middle of the season, he performed evenly and established himself as an undisputed starter in the second half. In the 2020-21 season, while maintaining good condition, he scored 2 goals and 5 assists in 37 games, including cup competitions, and received plenty of love from Arsenal fans. Even in his last season, he boasted a solid position, starting as a starter until he was out due to knee surgery in the second half.

But this season things have changed. ‘Competitor’ Nuno Tavares has left, but a stronger competitor has emerged. The main character was Oleksandr Zinchenko. Immediately receiving the trust of manager Mikel Arteta, he pushed out Tierney and leaped into the starting lineup. Tierney, who lost his position due to a rolling stone, started as a starter while Zinchenko was injured, but spent time as a ‘candidate’ otherwise. He played 24 matches this season, including the cup, but played only 1142 minutes. In particular, he came as a substitute in more than 10 out of 15 matches in the league.

The situation does not appear to be improving. This is because Zinchenko’s position is still strong and Arsenal are pushing for a new full-back to replace him. The main character is Ivan Fresneda of Real Valladolid. His main position is right-back, but he is expected to have enough potential to grow as a left-back given his young age.

If Zinchenko and Fresneda join, the sale of Tierney seems inevitable. In response, the Italian media ‘Tutomercatoweb’ reported, “If the recruitment of Fresneda is completed, Arsenal will formalize the sale of Tierney. Accordingly, Juventus, which is seeking a replacement for Alex Sandro, is monitoring the situation.” Of course, this is not an urgent matter right now. Tierney’s contract with Arsenal still has 3 years and 6 months left.

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