‘Home run factory manager’ Choi Jeong (36, SSG Landers) is back. The rivalry between the awakened giant Noh Si-hwan (23, Hanwha Eagles) and the home run king begins now.

On the 21st, the first game of the second half, SSG returned Choi Jeong to the first team entry. Choi Jeong-eun finished the first half with the last game on the 5th. A left adductor injury kept him out of the rest of the game and missed the All-Star Game.온라인바카라

Choi Jeong-eun recorded 19 homers until June, leading the home run category alone. However, as his condition deteriorated due to injury, he only managed 10 at-bats in 3 games in July and failed to add a single home run. In the meantime, Noh Si-hwan, who raised the pace, hit 4 home runs in 7 games in July, catching up with Choi Jeong and ending the first half with a tie for first place in home runs.

Choi Jeong and Noh Si-hwan will fight for titles in various categories in the second half. In addition to home runs tied for first place, RBIs (1st place Choi Jeong 58 RBIs, 2nd place No Si-hwan, Austin 57 RBIs), slugging percentage (1st Choi Jeong 0.577, 2nd Noh Si-hwan 0.560), OPS (1st Choi Jeong 0.973, 2nd Noh Si-hwan 0.958), etc. It seems that Noh Si-hwan is chasing Choi Jeong.

Unfortunately, even the position of Noh Si-hwan, who inherits the lineage of ‘Living Legend’ Choi Jeong and Uta Geopo, is the same as the third baseman. Depending on his performance in the second half, the direction of various batting titles as well as the Golden Glove in the third baseman division will change. In the first half of the third baseman’s batting WAR (based on STATIZ), Roh Si-hwan (4.53) was ahead of Choi Jeong (3.81).

In the opening game of the second half, Choi Jeong-eun, who plays as the designated hitter at No. 3, challenges the LG Twins in Jamsil to set a record of 20 homers for eight consecutive seasons. Roh Si-hwan, who had already broken the record for the most home runs in his career in the first half (previous 18 home runs in 2021), will start to conquer the first 20 home run hill by sortie as a third baseman and batter 3 against the NC Dinos in the Daejeon home game.

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