Can the Taeguk Warriors get their revenge after having to swallow the disappointment of a midterm final?

On the 29th and 31st, the 24th and 16th rounds of the 28th LG Ship Chosun Ilbo Kiwangjeon will be held.

Organised by Chosun Ilbo and sponsored by LG, the 28th LG Ship Chosun Ilbo Kiwangjeon is worth 300 million won for the winner and 100 million won for the runner-up. The time limit is three hours and five 40-second readings.

Unfortunately, it will be another tearful day for Li Xuanhao, once considered China’s strongest player. This will be the first face-to-face competition since the COVID-19 pandemic at the Worlds hosted by South Korea.

Li Xuanhao had already finished last in the Chinese Asian Games Go Team Selection Trials on 18 April, after installing a Wi-Fi blocker and losing three games to six. Yang Dingxin, on the other hand, topped the list with an 8-1 record.메이저놀이터

All matches in the round of 24 to 16 will be played at the Gonjiam Resort in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do.

Host Korea has fielded 12 players, including Shin Shin-seo, Park Jung-hwan, Byun Sang-il and Ahn Kook-hyun (top seeded), Kim Myung-hoon, Ahn Sung-joon and Han Seung-joo (top seeded), Kim Jung-hyun and Seol Hyun-joon (eight), Han Tae-hee and Park Sang-jin (seven) and wild card Shin Min-joon (nine).

China will be represented by defending champion Ding Hao 9 dan and runner-up Yang Dingxin 9 dan, as well as Li Xuanhao-Mi Yuting 9 dan (top national seed), Qiu Ze-Guzhao-Li Weiqing 9 dan (top qualifier) and Wang Xinghao 8 dan.

Japan will be represented by Toramaru Shibano, 9th dan (top national seed) and Hsieh Chih-hsiung, 8th dan (selection), while Chinese Taipei will be represented by 8th dan Lai Jun-fu, who is nationally seeded.

Of the 24 players, four from South Korea (Shin Shin-seo, Park Jung-hwan, Byun Sang-il, Shin Min-joon), three from China (Ding Hao Yang Dingxin, Kou Ze) and one from Japan (Shibano Toramaru) will be seeded in the first round of the main draw and will compete from the Round of 16. The players were selected based on the criteria of their respective origins and associations.

Korea has good reason to be sharpening its knives. In the last 27 editions of the tournament, Ding Hao 9th dan defeated Yang Dingxin 9th dan to win the title in the final, which was played in a heavyweight match.

The victory tied the number of titles won by each country at 12-12. In addition to the individual honours for the knights, the knights from both countries can also claim the honour of building national pride.

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