LG foreign batter Austin Dean, who was sent off the previous day for being enraged by the referee’s decision, smiled broadly after hitting a home run that would put the deciding factor in the game the next day.스포츠토토

The LG Twins won 4 consecutive victories with an 8-4 victory in the 2023 KBO League Kiwoom Heroes held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on the 12th.

LG foreign hitter Austin Dean fired a two-run four against McKinney, the starter, in the 5th inning, when the team was ahead 3-2, putting a wedge in the game.

Austin was ejected for protesting the umpire’s looking strikeout decision in the bottom of the 6th inning the previous day.
In the game against Kiwoom in Jamsil the previous day, Austin was ordered to leave after protesting to referee Song Soo-geun after a looking strikeout decision in the bottom of the 6th inning when the score was tied 3-3.

When Austin was judged to strike out looking for Jang Jae-young’s 4th fastball from ball count 1B 2S, he appealed strongly and was ejected. He threw away his helmet and bat, unable to calm his excitement.

Austin, who left the ground with intense emotions, was cheered by fans in a completely different look that day.

Austin hits McKinney’s first pitch

The moment he was hit, the intuition for a home run, the image of Austin putting the bat down after swinging
In the bottom of the 5th inning, when the team was ahead 3-2, Austin, who came to bat with a runner on first base, actively turned the bat from McKinney’s first pitch.

Austin pulled McKinney’s 131 km changeup straight to the body and hit a two-run home run that went over the left wall.

The ball went over the left wall and hit the top of the crowd. It was a large home run gun with a flight distance of 130.6m and an exit speed of 174.3km per hour.

Austin’s ceremony full of smiles

A bright smile appeared on Austin’s face. Austin walked around the bases, stepped on home plate, and raised his hands to count money.

It was 180 degrees different from Austin, who was angry like fire the day before. Austin headed to the dugout, enjoying the joy of a home run with Hyun-soo Kim, who had hit and went out.

Twin dugout players warmly welcome Austin

Sharing the exhilarating joy of a home run
Dugout was a crucible of enthusiasm. The twins, gathered at the dugout, waited for Austin to come with their arms around their shoulders, and concluded her ceremony by embracing each other and jumping up and down. Austin contributed to the team’s victory by showing his concentration to pick out three walks along with a home run in the game.

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