Destroying children’s hearts, it is a brutal sky.

All big matches guaranteed to be sold out on Children’s Day on the 5th are in danger of being cancelled. It’s because of the spring rain.

There is rain forecast across the country today. It is expected to continue from morning to evening. Except for Kiwoom and SSG’s Gocheok match, all four stadiums are full of concerns about rain cancellation.

The matchup between Doosan and LG, the rivals in Jamsil, which is a regular match for children every day, can be expected to attract a full crowd.

After taking over as Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop and LG Yeom Gyeong-yeop, expectations were raised as the second ‘Yeop series’. It was a game that made me wonder what strategy Lee Seung-yeop, who was pushed back with 1 win and 2 losses in the first match, would use to avenge himself. Doosan announced Choi Won-joon and LG selected Kim Yun-shik.

Lotte-Samsung’s Busan Classic Series was also an interesting matchup.토토사이트

The home team, Lotte, has lost 9 consecutive wins in 15 years, but is still in first place. Busan fans are excited.

When the good news for Children’s Day overlapped, the resignation seemed certain to be sold out. The record is also good with 9 wins and 4 losses at home. However, she is crying because of the savage sky. Barnes for Lotte and Won Tae-in for Samsung were announced, but the likelihood of them being postponed to the next day increased.

The batting line, which had been suppressed during six consecutive losses, exploded for two days in a row, and Hanwha, which won two consecutive wins, is no different from the sky.

Returning to his hometown, Daejeon, before the match against KT, he is crying because of the rain forecast. The weather is disappointing for fans who hurriedly booked tickets to see the Hanwha Dynamite line-up, which exploded coolly after a long time. Hanwha’s young gun Nam Ji-min and KT’s national sidearms Koh Young-pyo are expected to be selected.

Changwon Gyeonggi, where NC-KIA faced each other, was also an interesting matchup.

By the 1st, KIA, which had run 5 consecutive victories and climbed to 4th place, announced the selection of great pitcher Yang Hyeon-jong. NC seeks to escape from two consecutive losses with the Shin Min-hyuk card. However, this match also became uncertain due to the grumpy spring rain.

Professional baseball is gaining popularity amid the rising trend of Elotgi. Children’s Day big match that came at the point of heating up. I think it will be a sad day to be swept away by the rain.

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