Spanish professional football powerhouse Atlético Madrid, who visited Korea for a pre-season match, met Korean soccer fans with passionate training that did not stop even in the midst of heavy rain.

Atletico Madrid, led by manager Diego Simeone (Argentina), held an open training session open to fans at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 26th.온라인바카라

Atletico Madrid, which has reached the top of the Primera Liga (La Liga) 11 times, including the 2020-2021 season, visited Korea for the first time for a pre-season match in preparation for the 2023-2024 season.

On the 27th at 8:00 PM, a friendly match will be played against ‘Team K-League’, the domestic professional soccer K-League all-star, at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, and on the 30th, the English Premier League (EPL) champion Manchester City will face off at the same place.

The Atletico team, which arrived through Incheon International Airport the previous day, trained once in Seongnam in the morning and then went on a hard march to open training in Seoul in the evening.

As coach Simeone and Antoine Griezmann and other players entered the ground of the Seoul World Cup Stadium for open training, about 1,000 fans in the stands applauded and cheered.

Fans wearing or carrying the uniform of signature striker Antoine Griezmann stood out by far, and there were several fans wearing the uniforms of team legend and captain Koke and Fernando Torres, who played a big role in Atletico in the past.

After warming up, the Atlético players heated up the heat with a mini-game using about a third of the ground.

Heavy rain poured into the stadium from the start of training, and it almost rained when the players warmed up and continued the mini-game.

Every time the ball was kicked, water splashed on the feet, and there were times when the ball did not roll properly, but the players did not care and fought fiercely.

Coach Simeone emphasized the importance of the pre-season game, saying, “There is no guarantee of participation for any player,” at a press conference held prior to the open training that day.

When a goal was scored, the players rejoiced as if it were a real match, and the fans gave their full support to the wonderful play.

Fans cheered especially loudly when Simeone’s face appeared on the screen while the players were finishing up after the mini-game.

Coach Simeone, who exuded his unique charisma by fiercely directing the players with sharp eyes during training, kicked a ball hard into the crowd to repay the fans’ welcome, but when it fell behind the billboard without reaching the crowd, he showed an embarrassed smile. .

The players applauded the audience and expressed their gratitude, promising to meet at the stadium the next day.

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