The Hangzhou Asian Games, which were not held last year, will be held in September. Go also took three gold medals. Chinese baduk is holding a new selection match by defeating the representative of the Asian Games selected last year. Korea is pushing ahead as it was last year. Shin Jin-seo considers winning the gold medal at the Asian Games as the same weight as winning Mr. Ing. He said, “If I smile at the final match of Ing’s Cup, which will be held in August, I will be able to play well in the Asian Games.” 토토사이트

The Chinese Qualifying Tournament finished the first stage on the 11th and selected four players. Looking inside, it seems more difficult than winning a world championship. Ding Hao, who won the LG Cup in February, finished 11th. Sheker, who will face Shin Jin-seo in the finals, stayed in 6th place. Ke Jie, who returned to the top spot in China after a month, also needs to be in the top six in the second stage selection round.

After winning with White 42, the original black house changed to white house. The house gap widened further, but the AI ​​Katago odds bar said it narrowed the distance black fell behind. This is because while White was calling the house, Black attacked and the middle White was split in two. Katago is said to be generous even with the back 34 <Figure 1> 1 and 3 to shape. The left side is not all black, so it can be pierced with white ‘x’. It is dangerous to receive with 2 with back 46 <Diagram 2>.

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