Bayar Saihan (25, Inha University) and Eddy (24, Mongolia, Sungkyunkwan University), who were active on the domestic university stage, challenged the V-League Men’s Asia Quarter.

The Korea Volleyball Federation will conduct the 2023 KOVO Men’s Asian Quarter Tryout at Jeju Halla Gymnasium and Jeju Sun Hotel for three days from the 25th.

Unlike the women’s Asia Quarter, which was held non-face-to-face on the 21st, the men’s division will be held face-to-face for three days. On the first day, medical checks, physical examinations, and practice games are held, and on the second day, interviews with coaches and players and practice games are held. On the last day (27th), the final draft is held.

The final 24 Asian players are waiting to be selected by the 7 clubs while many Malaysian and Indonesian national team players such as Ryan Tan and Livan Nurkulmi were absent due to the schedule of the East Asian Championships.

By nationality, there are 8 Taiwanese, 4 each from Mongolia and the Philippines, 3 from Japan, 2 from Indonesia, 1 each from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand.

The most notable of these are Mongolia’s Bayarsaihan and Eddie. Both of them have a history of being active on the Korean university stage. 메이저놀이터

Bayar Saihan, a Mongolian graduate from Inha University, is a 197 cm middle blocker, and his jump and attack power are so good that he can perform a center pipe (back attack). He has already been recognized for his skills on the college stage, leading the team to several championships.

Eddy, who is currently attending Sungkyunkwan University, also draws attention from each team as an outside heater with a good height of 198 cm. There are evaluations that his ability to receive is inferior to his attack, but due to his good physical condition, he is considered a strong player for the top ranking nomination.

Teams are also paying attention to players who played on the Japanese stage. Issey Otake (28, 202 cm), a former Japanese national apogee spiker, is immediately evaluated as a sense of power. It is an interesting enough card for teams that have foreign players outside the heater.

Also, Libero Ryohei Iga (29), who played for Panasonic Japan along with Ohtake, is also receiving good reviews from multiple teams. Korean Air, where the libero position is considered a relatively weak point, is likely to choose Leega.

Meanwhile, the annual salary of the players selected in the Asian Quarter Tryout is $100,000 (including tax) for both men and women, and there is no limit to the number of contract renewals. In addition, in order to establish fairness between clubs when selecting players, one player can be selected with the same 1/7 probability per team.

An official from a club carefully predicted, “Depending on the order of marbles, the top 2 or 3 teams can immediately pick a player with a sense of power, so the joys and sorrows will be mixed depending on luck.”

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