Assist For You (Assist For Youth) project, which has been underway for the development of youth basketball in Korea since 2022. Ansan TOP Basketball Class, which is working together with this project, participated in the 8th Mungyeong Mayor Cup Youth Basketball Tournament held in Mungyeong, Gyeongbuk from January 28th to 29th.

While participating in the first competition in 2023, Ansan TOP participated in the 5th grade of elementary school and the 1st grade of middle school and won runner-up in both.안전놀이터

Ansan TOP Director Park Joon-hyeong, who finished the tournament, said, “According to the local rules of the tournament, an entry of 8 or more people must be made, and one can only play up to 3 quarters. I couldn’t attend due to personal circumstances and injuries. Two of my 4th grade younger brothers joined me, and it was like watching a movie.”

“The 5th graders really did their best even in sudden situations. The group stage was difficult, but they went up to the finals and left a deep memory. Unlike the past, the 1st graders in middle school have improved the team atmosphere a lot, and I am proud that they showed their will to do it. did,” he added.

Since it was a stage to start a new year of growth, there must have been a part that director Park Jun-hyung focused on from the position of a leader.

In response, Director Park said, “The children have been conducting skill training as they entered winter vacation, and I hoped that they would use it a lot in this actual game. Because of that, the defense always told me not to lose my original intention,” he looked back at the tournament.

On the other hand, the runner-up in the two categories in this competition was even more meaningful to the youth. Park Jun-hyeong, director of the team, said, “It was the first final stage for the 5th graders after the team was founded. They always swallowed the regret of being eliminated in the semifinals or the quarterfinals, but it seems that advancing to the finals this time gave them confidence that they can do it. They told me that they would be able to go to the top by passing more. The first graders of middle school also went to the finals after a long time since winning the Yangyang event at the end of last year, and I think they have grown a lot from not losing their concentration until the end. I think it will be possible,” he said, unable to hide his satisfaction at the growth of the youth.

Lastly, Director Park Jun-hyung said, “The parents of the two grades who participated in this competition always help and support them physically and mentally even when the competition is held from afar. Thanks to this, I think the children were able to face the good grades they have been waiting for. Parents I would like to say thank you for the fact that we would not be where we are today without your support.”

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