Will Sophie Ang Amrabat (27) break the curse of Manchester United’s No. 4?

Manchester United signed midfielder Amrabat from ACF Fiorentina with a transfer option after loan on the 2nd. Attention is being paid to whether Amrabat, who played a key role in Morocco’s breakthrough to the semifinals in the last World Cup, will show a good performance at Manchester United.스포츠토토

And three days later, on the 5th, the transfer process was completed and Amrabat’s uniform number was also confirmed. On the 5th, Manchester United announced on its official website, “Amrabat will play for Manchester United wearing the number 4 uniform.”

The more recent the number 4 jersey, the less pleasant it has been for Manchester United. This is because the players who wore them showed disappointing performances.

In the case of Gabriel Heinze, he did well, but he hurt Manchester United fans by announcing at the last minute that he would be transferring to their former enemy, Liverpool FC. Owen Hargreaves did well but had a lot of injuries. So did Phil Jones. Attention is being paid to what kind of performance Amrabat will show as he wears number 4 following Steve Bruce, David May, Juan Sebastian Veron, Gabriel Heinze, Owen Hargreaves, and Phil Jones.

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