replacement card? I dream of a ‘good luck’.

The proportion of outsiders in professional baseball is still large. Team performance is often influenced by foreign farming. It is the background in which each club is busy moving during the off-season. Everyone boards a plane to Korea with great expectations, but it is never easy to make a soft landing in the KBO League. The same goes for this season. Even though the first half wasn’t over, 7 people packed their bags as of the 4th. Sometimes a quick decision can be a godsend. In a narrow market, you have to endure major bleeding, but if you use it well, you can expect a certain power reinforcement.카지노

I went back and forth between hell and heaven. Hanwha is a representative example. Birch Smith, who was picked as the first starter, was injured in the opening game. Ricardo Sanchez ($400,000 in total), who was recruited after much consideration, is doing his part. He recorded 5 wins and an ERA of 1.48 in 9 games, establishing himself as a winning fairy. Newly joined foreign hitter Nick Williams ($450,000 in total) also raises expectations. Instead of Brian O’Grady, who was in deep slump, he wore a Hanwha uniform. After entering the league in three games, he fired a home run and made his presence known.

Kiwoom’s new foreign pitcher Ian McKinney (total value of $185 million) is also noteworthy. He was dropped as a replacement card for Eric Yokishi, who left due to injury. They reported their first win in two games. On the 1st, Gocheok SSG showed off 6 innings of scoreless pitching. It is the appearance of erasing the question mark of being from an independent league. SSG also erased one big worry. Left-hander Loenis Elias ($540,000 total) filled Annie Romero’s void smoothly. He played 42 innings in 7 games and posted an ERA of 4.07 with 3 wins and 3 losses.

There are those who seek a reversal with a familiar face. KT said goodbye to Bossulser, who showed ups and downs, and joined hands again with William Cuevas (total value of $450,000). Cuevas is a resource that has been together for four seasons from 2019 to last year. In 2021, he also made a significant contribution to the team’s blue unification victory. He left due to an elbow injury in May last year, but faced his old teammates after a year. He won 3 games and posted an average ERA of 3.24, contributing his strength. It is evaluated that the changing ball has become sharper. There is no worry about adapting to the league.

Same goes for Doosan. He released Dylan Pyle, who suffered from constant injury, and decided to continue his relationship with Brandon Waddell ($280,000). Brandon stood on the Korean stage as a substitute for Ariel Miranda in July of last year. He went 5-3 with a 3.60 earned run average in 11 games. After failing to renew his contract, he also played for the Taiwan Professional Baseball Rakuten Monkeys. After his return, he boasted an average ERA of 0.69 in salty water pitching in two games. He was even equipped with a new weapon called a slider with a large angle. He plans the strongest one-two punch with Raul Alcantara.

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