Regarding the rumor that Manchester United (hereinafter referred to as Manchester United) was close, agent Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) directly denied it.

On the 18th, ‘The Sun’ denied recent rumors that a contract with Manchester United was close by quoting agent Kim Min-jae. “It is true that Manchester United has been interested in Kim Min-jae since he was in China. However, there is no fact that Kim Min-jae has recently received a contract offer directly from Manchester United. Kim Min-jae is in no hurry to sign a contract with Manchester United.”토토사이트

It was a head-on refutation of the recent report from Italy that “Kim Min-jae has concluded an agreement to sign with Manchester United.” ‘The Sun’ also quoted Italian media just three days ago and reported that “Kim Min-jae and Manchester United have agreed on a contract and are adjusting the details.”

Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause will be activated on July 1st. Until then, transfer rumors surrounding Kim Min-jae are expected to come out constantly.

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