KT has made some big changes to its roster.

KT felt the loss of Heo Hoon (180 cm, G) last season. Without him, KT struggled a bit on offense. They averaged 78 points per game, the second-lowest in the league. The team even tried to replace two foreigners at the same time, but ultimately failed to make the playoffs. Despite being labeled as a powerhouse, KT couldn’t solve their offensive problems and finished the season in eighth place.

After missing the playoffs, KT had a busy offseason. The first thing they did was hire a new head coach. Coach Song Young-jin was promoted from within to take over as head coach.토토사이트

They also dived into the free agent market. They re-signed their house rabbit, Han Hee-won (193 cm, F). And one of the biggest free agent signings, KBL’s best defender Moon Sung-gon (196 cm, F). Although not a free agent, they also brought back Heo Hoon, who went to Sangmu for the next season.

With the addition of Heo, KT can definitely solve their problems on offense. Ha Yun-ki (204 cm, C) also developed into one of the best big men in the league last season. His 15.3 points per game average was the highest among Korean centers.

Han Hee-won and Moon Sung-gon can help the team with their defense. In particular, Moon Sung-gon is the first player in KBL history to win four consecutive Defensive Player of the Year awards. KT hasn’t confirmed any foreign players yet, but they are one of the strong favorites to win the title.

It’s not all about reinforcements. There were also departures. KT’s leading scorer, Yang Hong-seok (195 cm, F), left for Changwon LG. Yang was KT’s ace last season, averaging 12.6 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 2.8 assists. His average points, average assists, and average rebounds were all in the top three on the team. Yang’s departure is bound to be a blow.

KT also lost veterans Kim Young-hwan (196 cm, F) and Kim Dong-wook (194 cm, F). Neither player played a lot of minutes last season. However, they certainly made the most of their playing time. Their absence will be felt off the field as well.

Meanwhile, KT’s domestic combination of Heo Hoon, Moon Sung-gon, Han Hee-won, and Ha Yoon-ki is as good as any team’s. The key will be their synergy. Heo and Moon Sung-gon, in particular, need time to gel. There was also a change at the top. The players will have to adapt to Song’s style of basketball quickly. Conversely, Song also needs to quickly find the right colors for the team. This is KT’s most important task.

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