The coaching staff made a surprise visit to the graduation ceremony of KGC rookie Yujin.

On the 16th, Anyang KGC Yujin visited her alma mater Dongguk University after a long time. It is to attend the graduation ceremony,카지노사이트 the last event of her four-year college life. However, three men appeared that surprised Eugene. KGC’s coaching staff were coach Kim Sang-sik, coach Choi Seung-tae, and coach Cho Seong-min.

They visited the rookie’s graduation ceremony, congratulated them, and took a commemorative photo. It is unprecedented in KBL history that all the coaching staff attended a rookie’s graduation ceremony. With KGC’s tight game schedule recently, the graduation ceremony visit was all the more surprising.

Director Kim Sang-shik said, “Isn’t our team a family? I think it’s right for families to attend celebrations and graduation ceremonies. And I wanted to revive the spirit of the rookie. It was difficult these days because of the tight game schedule, but I wanted to go and congratulate them. I think it will have the effect of strengthening the relationship with the players on our team. I didn’t suddenly go, I had plans with the coaches from before. In the future, if there is a congratulatory event, I will attend,” he explained the reason for going to the graduation ceremony.

Coach Cho Seong-min said, “Yoo-jin is a rookie who has just joined the team. It seems that the director showed the family-like atmosphere not only with words, but with actions. She said that Jini really likes her. I am also learning a lot along the way. I felt proud when I saw the player being moved, and I learned how to take care of it.”

“I didn’t know you were coming at all,” said Eugene, who opened up, “The hyungs said it was the first time in 10 clubs. It felt so good and reassuring. I thought I came to the team well. The director said, ‘Congratulations. Now I am a true member of society.” And he told me to go eat jajangmyeon,” he laughed.

Eugene was called by KGC as the 2nd pick in the 2nd round in the KBL domestic rookie draft last year. He showed his potential as a tall shooter during his time at Dongguk University. However, KGC’s forward line is dominated by Immovable starter Moon Seong-gon, Yang Hee-jong and Jung Jun-won, so he has yet to make his debut. He is silently devoted to training and is waiting for an opportunity to come someday.

Eugene said, “There are a lot of great hyungs on the team. And it’s doing so well. He didn’t feel down at all that he hadn’t played his debut match yet. I am working hard with the thought that I will grab the opportunity when it comes.”

“I am preparing hard. I also do a lot of personal training. I think the answer is to prepare hard to surpass the hyungs, so I will show you a more prepared image as I debuted late.” 

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