The referees saved a life by taking appropriate action.

On the 11th, at 13:20, an unfortunate incident occurred during the Chungnam Budget Sap School and Gangwon Chuncheon City Sports Festival match at the 2023 Geumgangdaegi National High School Football Championship held in Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do.토토사이트

Around the 60th minute, referee Kim Yoo-young, who was waiting for the next game, saw a fallen spectator in the stands. Referee Lee Seung-joon, who was in charge of the game, stopped the game immediately after being aware of the situation. The fallen spectator had trouble breathing and was known to locals, not parents.

Referee Shim Seok-woo, who was waiting with referee Kim Yoo-young, immediately performed CPR. Second assistant referee Park Jin-seong then delivered a first aid kit and an automated external defibrillator (AED). Due to the tense situation, Assistant Referee Park fell and suffered a cut during the delivery.

The spectator recovered quickly. Four minutes after the incident occurred, he was evacuated to 119. It was a shining moment for the quick and appropriate action of the referees. After the situation was sorted out, the match resumed.

The referees at the scene at the time said, “I just did my job in the stadium. It seems that the CPR I was trained on was helpful. It seems that everyone came together to save a precious life.”

Meanwhile, Korea Football Association referees are required to receive refresher training and CPR training every year to renew their qualifications.

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