‘The Wizard of the SF Ball’ who led the Korean Series championship six times while playing at Haitai → LG.

Coach Cha Dong-cheol (60), who dominated college baseball by becoming a coach at his alma mater, Konkuk University, for 25 years, becoming a leader at his alma mater, Konkuk University, for 25 years, immediately after his retirement as a professional, was appointed as the head coach of Korea Golf University located in Hoengseong, Gangwon-do.먹튀검증

Coach Cha, who retired as head coach of Konkuk University, was appointed as the new head coach of the Korea Golf University baseball team on the 1st of last month.

Ahead of 2020, when the baseball team was founded, an offer to become the founding manager has already been made. However, he gave up as his retirement age remained. He only gave advice.

He waited 4 years. He was brought back as soon as he retired.

There is a reason. This is thanks to Coach Cha’s great reputation in the college baseball world. Coach Cha is the person who put Konkuk University baseball on the rock in the 2000s.

Countless athletes have grown into professionals, coaches, and sometimes school teachers.

Lotte’s leading hitter Jeon Jun-woo, pitcher Moon Gyeong-chan, KIA outfielder Lee Chang-jin, and LG pitcher Yoo Young-chan are the players coach Cha Dong-cheol coached during his college days.

Korea Golf University, which has a weak presence in college baseball, has taken the first step toward growing into a solid team starting next year through coach Dong-cheol Cha. Players are already flocking to the news of the appointment of a university great.

Director Cha expressed his gratitude, saying, “There are already about three students who have taken a leave of absence, submitted applications again, and decided to come back after taking the scholastic ability test.”

Coach Myung has already experienced the top level in college baseball. I have no other desires. I just want to provide a second chance to players who desperately want to play baseball again.

“I am already older than the parents. My eldest son also plays baseball, but I treat the players like my children. I took on the role with the sole intention of donating my talent for the development of baseball.”

The passion that was full of energy during his active years did not cool down at all. I am full of motivation.

“A lot has changed in college baseball. Since coaches no longer select players, the method of coaching had to change as well. Instead of coming within my own frame, as times changed, I tried to get into the hearts of the players. When I was strict, I was strict, and when I was strict, I was able to get into their hearts and let them go. You also need to know the lines. I learned how to win at Haitai and how to coach at LG.”

Manager Cha Dong-cheol, a graduate of Gwangju Jeil High School and Konkuk University, entered the professional ranks in 1986 and was a famous pitcher who was very active as a starter and in the bullpen.

He learned the SF (split finger fastball, splitter) ball, which he learned over his shoulder from Myung-bu Jang, a Korean in Japan who is a 30-win pitcher for the Sammi Superstars, and cooked batters. Although it is now common as a splitter, it was an unfamiliar pitch at the time. He was called the ‘Wizard of Science Fiction’ and was on a roll.

During his four years at Haitai, he achieved 29 wins and 21 saves, winning the Korean Series for four consecutive years.

Coach Dong-cheol Cha, who transferred to LG as a ‘winning contractor’, enjoyed winning the Korean Series for 5 consecutive years with his first win in 1990, the first year of his transfer. He had a brilliant time as a player who won a total of 6 championships until 1994.

Manager Cha Dong-cheol has walked the path of a leader by learning a strong competitive spirit from his days at Haitai and rational leadership after moving to LG. Now, I am determined to generously pass on all of this compressed experience and know-how to the players who will take on new challenges in the Korea Golf University baseball team.

He first established a systematic guidance system. Former coach Kim Yong-wi, another great college baseball player who helped Kyungnam University become a strong team, was hired as the head coach. A young coach who will work closely with the players has already been appointed.

At Korea Golf University, which uses the Hoengseong Baseball Stadium, all students live in dormitories and take golf lessons together. There is also a possibility of turning into a golf pro.

They even recruited famous college baseball coaches in relatively good athletic conditions.

I think it would be good to expect rapid development that is different from before. Coach Cha Dong-cheol, who has dominated college baseball, has begun a new challenge.

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