The winner that the coaches of both teams singled out was the only walk obtained by a prospect in the second year.

LG Twins manager Yeom Gyeong-yeop stood side by side with pitcher Woo-young Jung and talked for a while ahead of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League Kiwoom Heroes game held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on the 11th. The content of the conversation was one walk that Jung Woo-young (24) gave to Park Chan-hyuk (20) in the match against Kiwoom the day before.

Kiwoom succeeded in creating a chance to third base safely with Russell’s triple in the 7th inning, falling behind 0-1, but Lee Hyung-jong failed to make a true base, and withdrew to shortstop grounder and became 1st and 3rd base. The next hitter was outfielder Park Chan-hyuk, who joined Kiwoom in the 6th overall in the first round last year.

Park Chan-hyeok continued to cut fouls against Jung Woo-young at an unfavorable count of 2B2S, and after watching the 8th pitch, walked out. If Park Chan-hyuk was out, the third base would almost have changed to the second base. Kiwoom overcame the crisis, and Byeong-wook Lim hit 2 RBIs and doubles in mid-month in 1 company, 1st and 3rd bases, and succeeded in reversing.

Kiwoom ran away to 8-1 with Lee Ji-young’s 1 RBI double in the left field, Lee Jung-hoo’s 2 RBIs and timely hits, Kim Hye-sung’s 1 RBI and timely hits, and Lee Hyeong-jong’s 2 RBIs and doubles. Park Chan-hyeok hit a timely hit with an RBI wedge that fell to the left of the left fielder on his return at bat.메이저놀이터

Director Yeom said, “It was the trouble that I gave Park Chan-hyuk a walk yesterday. He said that I had to make sure that I had a hitter to deal with and a hitter to avoid. The division happened because I gave a walk at a favorable count,” he said in a message conveyed to Jung Woo-young.

Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki, who was the champion, also saw Park Chan-hyeok’s walk as the starting point for victory, which ended a five-game losing streak. Manager Hong praised Park Chan-hyuk, saying, “Park Chan-hyuk’s walks were great. Russell’s triples and Lim Byeong-wook’s timely hits, but it was important that Park Chan-hyuk calmly picked the ball. It was not an easy situation, but I was able to afford it at bat.”

Park Chan-hyuk, whom we met on the 11th, said, “It was the first pitcher Jung Woo-young met and he was a good pitcher. I focused on contact as much as possible because I was on third base and the infield was forward defense. I was able to pick out the ball well,” he said.

Park Chan-hyuk continued, “I feel like I have a better zone than last year. I learned through many failures and misses. I feel like I grew up through failure. Last year, I didn’t have any spare time and I didn’t know how to get to the plate. I think I’m going in prepared for the opponent.”

He continued, “Since the Taiwanese camp, coach Kim Tae-wan has been by my side and taught me a lot. Last year, there were many weak flies as the swing texture sagged, so I think the number of balls in play increased by changing the swing texture.” showed up

Lastly, Park Chan-hyuk said, “I think OPS is important. I want to improve from last year. And I want to increase defensive innings.”

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