The LG Twins suffered a painful come-from-behind defeat. The big thing was that all members of Pil Seung-jo collapsed.

LG lost 5-10 in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League Doosan Bears game held at Jamsil Stadium on the 16th.

We couldn’t keep our 3-point lead. LG leads 4-1 until the 6th inning.

On this day, the LG bench made a bold move to take down starting pitcher Lim Chan-gyu in 3⅓ innings. Then Lee Woo-chan came up and blocked 1⅔ innings and went down. Park Myung-geun, who came up 6 times, also did his part.

After that it was a problem. From the beginning of the 7th inning, the Pilseungjo group was started in earnest. However, Kim Jin-seong, who came up as the team’s fourth pitcher, collapsed with 3 runs in 1 inning. He held on until the 2nd company well and was hit by Su-bin Jeong. Even if it was an unavoidable game up to this point, he dedicated a walk to Jo Soo-haeng. In the end, this walk became the cause. Yang Seok-hwan hit a three-run home run and bowed his head. tied 4-4. 카지노사이트

Defense in the top of the 8th inning. Another Pil Seung-jo resource, Jung Woo-young, came up. Jung Woo-young was also not tidy. In the 2nd and 1st base, Ahn Jae-seok hit the right time. Then, Yoo-chan couldn’t control it, so he went on base with a ball that fit his body. He held on well until two outs and eventually had to come down.

The next pitcher is Yoo Young-chan. He is a recently promoted player. But it’s a tough situation for him. He conceded a run after being hit with a 2-RBI triple by Su-Bin Jung. He continued to shake. After giving walks to Jo Soo-haeng and Yang Seok-hwan, he conceded an extra run with a wild pitch. And Kim Jae-hwan gave up three consecutive walks.

The LG bench moved again. Choi Dong-hwan climbed the mound with the bases loaded with two outs, and Yang Eui-ji hit a double with two RBIs.

Yang Seok-hwan hit a valuable home run as a center hitter in the situation of being dragged away. Ahn Jae-seok started for the first time in a long time
and did not miss a missed pitch. Since there was a break period, Seung-jo Pil was put in right away. Just in
the 8th inning, three pitchers came up and barely put out the fire.

Kim Jin-seong allowed 2 hits and 3 runs in 1 inning, Jung Woo-young allowed 1 hit and 3 runs in ⅔ innings (visa book), Yoo Yeong-chan allowed 3 runs on 3 walks in 0 innings, and Choi Dong-hwan recorded 1 hit and no run in 1⅓ innings.

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