Prior to the opening of this year’s event, CJ Logistics Super Race, the nation’s top motorsport event, held a media art exhibition in the middle of Seoul to announce the start of the new season.

On the morning of the 19th, Super Race held a media day through the ‘SUPER EXCITING, SUPERRACE’ exhibition ahead of the opening of the competition at the ‘Seoul Sky’ exhibition zone at the Lotte World Tower in Seoul. The exhibition, created jointly by Super Race and Seoul Sky, will be officially opened to the public from the 20th.

This exhibition reinterpreted dynamic and splendid racing scenes as media art, focusing on realistic race car models. As soon as you enter the entrance, the roaring sound from the track tickles your ears, and you can see the remaining scenes in the history of Super Race so far through video. 토토사이트

Super Race explained that this exhibition consisted of a total of four moments. An official from Super Race said, “Starting with the tension before the game, right before the start, the moment when the driver is immersed in running, and the special moments of the champion facing the checkerboard, they are reinterpreted as media art.” The exhibition will meet visitors visiting Seoul Sky for about four months, and anyone who has purchased a ticket for Seoul Sky can view it.

The event was attended by Kyong Wook-ho, head of marketing at CJ Corporation, and Go Jeong-rak, head of Lotte World Aquarium & Seoul Sky. “Through this exhibition, I would like to introduce the splendid and thrilling appearance of the Super Race, the best motorsport competition,” said Kyong Wook-ho, head of marketing at CJ Corporation. We ask for your interest,” he said.

Drivers Han-Sol Oh and Joon-Seo Park of the CJ Logistics Racing Team, who directly participate in the 6000 class, the top event of Super Race, also went to the scene to meet fans ahead of the new season. They showed determination, saying, “I will definitely climb to the podium this year.”

Visitors who have become interested in motor sports through media art can see real stock cars and drivers compete right in front of them this weekend. The 2023 CJ Logistics Super Race Championship starts on the 22nd at Yongin Speedway. For the first time, it will be held as a double round opening match, and gold tickets for rounds 1 and 2 are already sold out. General tickets can be purchased through Naver Reservation and YES24.

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