Ranking Ceremony was held on the 27th at Mavellier, Anyang for the first time in three years.

Vice Chairman Lee Kwang-sook and Director Kang Seung-hoon took over as moderators, and the awards ceremony began with an opening speech by Vice Chairman Yoo Byung-joon.

Following the introduction of the guests by Executive Vice President Chun Doo-moon, Chairman Kim Young-sik, Korea Tennis Association President Jeong Hee-kyun, Jangho Foundation Chairman Kim Doo-hwan, and KATO sponsor Joo Eun-hyeong, Nassau Chairman delivered congratulatory remarks.

Along with the guests who delivered congratulatory remarks, award winners and their families from each division filled the awards ceremony hall to shine. Kim Jang-jun (Orion) was selected as the best youth scholarship student and his mother received the award on behalf of him. A total of 10 promising players and 7 organizations received youth scholarships.

Honorary Chairman Lee Ki-jae and Vice Chairman Park Young-rae received the plaque of merit, and Vice Chairman Kim Ok-sun and Director Yang Chang-seok received the Outstanding Executive Award.

The best competition award, which was evaluated as the best competition last year, was awarded to the KATO’s highest-rated competition Seogwipo Chilsimni Cup, which will be held in Jeju Island in February.

Afterwards, awards were given to the club members who placed 1st to 10th in 5 departments: Forsythia Division, Challenger Division, Chrysanthemum Division, Masters Division, and Veteran Division. 안전놀이터

Lee Ja-young (Forsythia Division), Jung Woo-young (Challenger Division), Kim Jin-sook (Chrysanthemum Division), Kim Dong-woo (Masters Division), and Yoon Yeo-geun (Veteran Division) were awarded first place in each division.

Jung Woo-young (23, Gochang Sunday Club), who won multiple awards in the Challenger Division 1st and Masters Division 10th, said, “It feels good to receive the award. She started learning tennis from her father in kindergarten, and it seems to have borne fruit like this. He said that he gained a lot of confidence after winning the Seogwipo Chilsimni boat last year.”

Finally, the award ceremony was concluded with a Kate cutting ceremony and a toast proposal from the guests including President Kim Young-shik.

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