‘Fireballer’ Kim Seo-hyeon (19), who was selected as the first overall rookie in 2023 by Hanwha, won her first debut win in the Futures League match against Heroes held in Goyang on the 6th. He pitched 97 pitches in 5⅔ innings, giving up 5 hits, 3 walks, 7 strikeouts and 1 run. Both innings and pitches were the highest individual record among the 1st and 2nd teams.온라인바카라

One thing to note about him was his ball speed. Kim Seo-hyun, who threw up to 160.7 km in the first team based on Trackman, had his highest speed measured at 154 km that day. He dropped a lot compared to the 150 km vs. mid-late halves in the first team, which he threw short with the bullpen, but his average speed of 61 fastballs reached 151 km, so he was persistent.

The 97th pitch of the game was also a straight ball, and it was measured at 152 km. His stamina did not drop throughout the game, and even after the 90th pitch, he hit a fastball over 150km. Hanwha Futures coach Kim Seong-gap said, “Even after passing 90 pitches, 150 km did not fall. He admired Seohyun Kim’s talent, saying, “His body is natural.”

Next, coach Kim Seong-gap said, “If Seohyun is the 4th starter, the 4 starters in our team are 150km pitchers. Then the team will be better next year than this year.” Felix Pena and Ricardo Sanchez, who have established themselves as foreign one-two punches, and 160km pitcher Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun, who have grown into native aces, enter the rotation, and the dream of becoming a “starting kingdom” is not too far away.

Kim Seo-hyun, who has prepared for the season with the bullpen, revealing her goal of becoming a closer from the time she joined, is receiving full-fledged starting classes in the second team. Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho sent Kim Seo-hyun to the second team on the 8th of last month and said, “He is a player we need to take special care of. He will increase the number of pitches in the 2nd team, find a sense of humor, and go through a systematic training process,” he explained, explaining that he will receive starting classes for nurturing.

In three futures league games after the starter transition, Kim Seo-hyun is fighting hard with an average ERA of 1.64, 11 hits, 8 walks, 15 strikeouts, and 3 runs (2 ERA) in 11 innings. He gradually increased the number of pitches to 38, 74, and 97 pitches, and is in the process of building a starting body. In the end, a plan to return to the first team was set as a selection for the second half. Manager Choi Won-ho said, “A pitcher who throws an average of 150 km or more can work well in the KBO league even if his breaking ball skills are a little weak. He said, “The team is not overflowing with 4-5 selections, and if it is okay, there is no reason not to use it.”

Hanwha Futures Pitching Coach Park Jeong-jin, who was in charge of Kim Seo-hyun for a month, also said, “I am receiving the starting class well. At first, he had doubts about himself because he hadn’t been selected since elementary school, but he’s adjusting well. As a starter, he created a routine according to his schedule, and his concentration on the mound improved.”

Kim Seo-hyun said, “I’m still not used to moving according to the starting rotation. After throwing once, there is a process of resting and preparing for the next pitch, but the waiting time is longer than when throwing with relief.” ”he said.

Kim Seo-hyun, who made relief appearances in all 18 games in the first team this season, recorded an average ERA of 5.60 with one save. He struck out 23 in 17⅔ innings, but his pitches faltered with 13 walks and five hit balls. Since his high school days, he has boasted a natural pitching sense by freely raising and lowering his arms, but this problem was also highlighted when he was shaken with 3⅓ innings, 8 walks and 3 walks in the last 5 games of the first team.

Coach Park Jeong-jin said, “The player himself was stressed about the height of his arm, so he didn’t touch it. It is because it is conscious of the result rather than the phenomenon. He told me not to dwell on the result and to be comfortable according to my own style. He tried to throw it down, and a little bit up, and he found the position he felt best. He’s throwing at the arm height that he feels is ideal for him now. He explained, “You can think of it as the middle of the three quarters and the sidearm, the low three quarters.”

Kim Seo-hyun, who threw as much as she could in the second team in a wind-up position, said, “If you go up to the first team as a starter in the second half, you will have to fulfill your duties as a starting pitcher. He should score as few runs as possible while throwing as many innings as possible. He promised to prepare well so that he can meet his fans with a new look.”

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